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Archangel Michael Sigil Sterling Silver TSE671

Archangel Michael Sigil Sterling Silver

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The Archangel Michael Finger Ring Hand Crafted Design Created Exclusively by Peter Stone Jewelry in Fine Sterling Silver and includes a fine 18" Sterling Silver Chain. This ring may be worn as a pendant or as a finger ring; either way the Energy of Michael remains close to you wih the ring placed at the center of the chest or the words inscribed within the ring, touching directly in contact with your finger!

The chain selection may be upgraded to a chain of your personal choice! Collect all Seven Archangels... or..... just the Archangels you Love So Much!


The Archangel Michael

The sigil of the Archangel Michael is used to invoke his strength and protection. Michael is the spirit who guided the prophet Elisha in all his actions and is regarded as the protector of all kingdoms. Michael is considered to be the most powerful spirit after God himself and led the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell.

The writings of King Solomon indicate that the sigil of the Archangel Michael must be used to invoke his spirit on a Sunday evening.

The Sigil of the Archangel Michael Silver Pendant is the perfect adornment for anyone who desires a closer connection with the Archangel Michael to channel his strength and power of leadership.


The Power of Sigils

Sigils are mystical symbols used for the invocation of spirits and are usually used in conjunction with prayer, incantations, or meditation. Modeled after sigils and incantations revealed by the Creator to King Solomon to call forth the power of the Archangels, these Keys of King Solomon contain a deep spiritual meaning and connection with ancient angelic power.


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